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Geometric Angles Applied To Modern Markets

Welcome to the "Geometric Angles Applied to Modern Markets" mentorship, an exclusive opportunity to unlock the secrets of W.D. Gann's revolutionary approach to market analysis. In this one-on-one coaching program, we will delve deep into the fascinating world of geometric angles and their profound implications for the ability to successfully solve the trend for any market and timeframe.


According to W.D. Gann, geometric angles serve as a powerful tool for understanding the relationship between time and price in the stock market. By mastering the art of scaling charts and correctly drawing these angles, you can gain valuable insights into future trends and price movements.


Throughout the course, we will explore fragments from Gann's unpublished works, where he meticulously details the methodology behind drawing and interpreting geometric angles on price charts. Using tools such as a protractor, ruler, and square, Gann devised a systematic approach for identifying key levels of support and resistance, enabling traders to make informed decisions with confidence.


The principles of geometric angles are universally applicable across all variants of markets and timeframes, making this method an indispensable tool for traders seeking clarity and precision in their analysis. Whether you're a novice trader or seasoned professional, this course offers practical techniques that can be immediately implemented to enhance your trading strategy.


Under my expert guidance, you will receive personalized instruction and support tailored to your individual learning needs. Through live trading sessions, I will assist you in mastering the principles of geometric angles and applying Gann's powerful tools with accuracy and confidence.


By the end of the course, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of how to properly scale your charts and leverage geometric angles to predict future market movements. Armed with this knowledge, you will be equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern markets with ease and precision, positioning yourself for greater success in your trading endeavors.

Master Geometric Angles for modern markets in just four 60-minute sessions!


Course Contents:

Lesson 1 (60 minute private session):

  • W.D. Gann's Introduction to Geometric Angles.

  • Importance of the square in nature.

  • Using the square to divide time and price proportionately.

  • Important angles within the square.

  • Common scaling problems.

  • How to scale charts for all markets and timeframes.

Lesson 3 (60 minute private session):

  • W.D. Gann's Mechanical Method as it applies to geometric angles.

  • Buying and selling points.

  • Analyzing the market using geometric angles.

  • Building an entry using geometric angles.

  • Trade management.

Lesson 2 (60 minute private session):

  • What is a timekeeper?

  • Using timekeepers to scale charts for all timeframes.

  • Solving geometric angles for all markets and timeframes.

  • Squaring highs and lows using geometric angles.

  • Understanding and interpreting price action around geometric angles.

Lesson 4 (60 minute private session):

  • Analyzing live market conditions using geometric angles (live trading session).

  • Top down analysis of any market you choose.

  • Identifying sections of the market. 

  • Understanding possible market scenarios.

  • Speculating the next highest probability move in the market. 


Learn Gann Paradigm of time


Learn to scale Geometrical Angles according to planetary bodies


Applicable to all modern markets and timeframes



Square price and time based on previous highs and lows


live trading sessions included in mentorship


Support on WhatsApp/Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do I schedule my lessons?
    Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your lessons.

  • Is there any pre-requisite knowledge required?
    No! Everything you need to know in order to trade successfully will be taught to you throughout the course.

  • How long is the course?
    The course is four 60 minute private sessions, however you have access to continued support after you have complete the lessons.

  • How are the sessions conducted?
    Our sessions will be held over the Zoom platform as it integrates well and has the fewest problems from all the options available(Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.

  • What if I forget what you taught during our 1-on-1 sessions?
    After each session you will receive a recording of the lesson for your personal reference.

  • If there are any further questions on your mind, feel free to reach out to me at
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